WASD - Movement

Left MB (w/ Pickaxe) - Mine objects

Left MB (w/ Block) - Place Objects

Left Shift Key - Toggle Sprint

1, 2, and 3 Keys - Toggle between which product to place down

Scroll Wheel - Toggle between pickax and block

E Key - To interact with Pigs as builder

M Key - To switch to the wolf

Left MB (as Wolf) - Blow down blocks and pigs with charge bar at top. Higher charge, more powerful the blow.

In this game you will help three little pigs by building houses for them as the builder initially, use your pickaxe to mind resoources and then place the blocks down to your liking. Once you've had enough fun building, press M to switch to the wolf and destroy your creations and the pigs. Fun to play with a friend and have each player be a different role.

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