In this game you are a 2D pixel space dumpster truck, defending off invaders with trash you can collect around you. Be careful if you touch enemies you will take damage and you can run out of fuel if you don't collect some within the level, otherwise you'll lose!



WASD - Movement

Spacebar - Fire Trash (Once at 4 stacks)

This game was made for my Game Prototyping class at the University of Texas at Austin with Alexia Camrona. The purpose of the class is to create prototypes of games based on a theme given for that week. This week's theme was Navigation and Exploration. We wanted to use the idea of floating in space as our navigation with having the property of once you are pushed in one direction in space, you will continuously float in that direction until pushed by another force. In this case the ship is able to balance out which directions it will be floating in. I was in charge in all of the scripting for the project which involved, UI, movement, projectiles, damage, fuel, and the collection of trash, health, and fuel. Alexia took care of all the heart by creating it herself and found the sounds on with free to use sounds for the game. There were many more features we pictured having for the game; however, this is a prototype so we believed we reached a satisfactory checkpoint in creating our game.

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